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Goa Hotels Have Been Making the Best of Every Traveler's Holiday.

by Gagan Makin

Sun, Sand and Serenity, that's what Goa is all about. Once a Portuguese settlement, Goa even in the present day oozes a foreign guise. Somewhat wayward from the cultural ethos of the rest of Indian states, Goa is absolutely charming.

One of the finest holiday destinations on earth, Goa is high on beaches, beautiful locations and world class hotels aiming to make your stay in Goa as comfortable and memorable as it gets. Since Goa is a hot vacation spot in India, Goa Hotels make sure that their customers not only enjoy their holidays but also come around in the future as well. Goan Hotels provide the best of holiday packages that are enticing enough to let go. The peak tourist season begins during November and the price bracket of hotels in Goa hikes and its availability falls radically. But besides hotels you may even opt for bread and breakfast accommodation facility, inns, lodges and private apartments.

Being the most sought after holiday destination, Goa and Goa Hotels have been making the best of every traveler's holiday. Although a Christian state, Goa is where you would also find Hinduism thriving opulently. Here, if on one hand you find European style central squares then on the other hand you will find pretty and traditional Indian street flea market. Be it Hindu temples or old Portuguese Churches... Goa proudly touts its miscellany. Its yummy food, fiestas, culture or life style of the Goan people... Goa is absolutely mesmerizing.

Quite a tourist destination, Goa is not only known because of its renowned beaches but also because of its ancient forts, verdant public parks, zoos and Cathedrals. You want to savor the finest views of a beautiful sunset then travel towards the famous Fort Aguada which is sited on a cliff overlooking River Mandovi. Being one of the oldest remaining coastal forts in Goa, here you will many antique miscellanies. The ambience around this ancient fort is serene and tranquil... definitely a place for those who are looking for a romantic time or a solitary break. Beautiful panorama from the hilltop along with cool winds whispering in your ears... absolutely nothing gets better. Located on the southern coastal region of Goa, the Palolem beach is very appealing. Encircled by ingstoop coconut trees, the pristine sea water and golden colored sands of this balmy beach - Palolem Beach is quite a hot spot for the beach bums. Here you can indulge yourself in some of the exciting water sports. You may even spot dolphins frolicking in the sea. The Braganza House is yet another renowned attraction of Goa. This mansion is an impressive architectural wonder that was erected in the 17th century. Its eclectic interior designs and distinct architectural style would no doubt mesmerize your senses. Awe-inspiring ballrooms with Belgian crystal chandeliers, engraved rosewood furnishings, Italian marble floors are some of its best features and make this hall totally exquisite.

Tranquility, indulgence and delightful are remarks that describe about Hotels in Goa. Falling in all price brackets and ranges- cheap hotels in Goa can be found very easily.

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