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Luxury resorts and hotels in Philippines: You've got to say "Wow!"

Think of the Philippines and one thinks of the impeccable white beaches of Boracay and the lushness of Palawan; but the Philippines has been truly endowed by Mother Nature with some amazing natural beauty. If you are looking to enjoy some warm tropical sun in a country whose people who are friendly and affable, head off to any of the fantastic islands of the Philippines and treat yourself to a perfect getaway. Being a tourist haven, with hordes of tourists from neighboring Asian countries flocking to take in the beauty of the country and experience the charm of its incomparable beaches, the Philippines has fantastic beach resorts and golf resorts.

One of the problems when planning a vacation in the Philippines is deciding which of the many wonderful islands or locations to go to (assuming you are looking at a beach vacation, because that is not the only option-- one can choose to go to the hills too...); the typical favorites are Boracay and Palawan. They say one visit to Boracay is never enough; a tourist is bound to be lured into visiting Boracay again.

Beach Hotels & Scuba Dive Resorts in the Philippines

If you love the sea, the pristine beaches of Boracay & Palawan are nothing short of paradise. You can laze about on the pure, shiny white sand, sipping one of those delicious cocktails that every beach resort worth its name can concoct. Or, if you are adventurous and love scuba diving, stay at any of the many scuba dive resorts in the Philippines. This beautiful country has numerous dive spots and if you are a diver, then you wouldn't want to miss a diving break to the Philippines. In case diving is not really your passion or you aren't a certified diver, you can still enjoy the amazing beauty of the sensational marine life of the Philippine Sea / South China Sea with some snorkelling. If you are staying at a beach resort near one of dive or snorkelling spots, you shouldn't certainly miss out on the opportunity to go out on a snorkelling mission.

Going up the hills to Baguio & Banaue

A country blessed by nature certainly would have more than just the sea and glorious beaches. The Philippines is no exception. So, if you'd like to do something different, head up the hills to Baguio & Banaue. While you may not find as many luxury resorts or hotels like you would near the beaches, particularly in Banaue, there are plenty of decent hotels to let you have a comfortable and memorabe vacation.

Enjoy your vacation in the Philippines! We hope you have a wonderful and memorable stay there. As the Pinoys would say, "Mabuhay" !

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